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"I am Adjunct Professor of Screenwriting at the University of Southern California Department of Cinema Writing. I've also written professionally for screen and television for more than 25 years.  I've found that most software for screenwriters falls short. But it seems to me that "Great Dialogue"  delivers much more than it promises. The program presents a multitude of dialogue writing techniques, and each point is  illustrated with perfectly chosen examples of dialogue from successful films. The presentation is clear, understandable, and the software is easy to use. Although I bought this software, thinking it would help my students, I must admit I learned a great deal from it, and continue to learn more each time I use it. "Great Dialogue" is a "must have" for anyone who seriously aspires to write a great screenplay."  

Michael Scheff 

This is a great program.



I have to compliment you on your hard work!  I stumbled on to Great Dialogue at The Writer's Store in Los Angeles and sat at their computer for an hour and a half immersed in the great clips some cloistered-off soul had to spend a lifetime gold-panning out. And I'm not even a screenwriter: I'm a songwriter who's attracted to screenwriting (and screenwriting software) because I see a bigger story behind the music I write...and hope to write (and screenwriting books/software help me find that).

Besides poetry books, your is the first I've seen that really appreciates words and dialogue for the sake of the words.  I sure want to write stuff that's a little more meaty than the duct-taped-together-by-the-music schlock and cliche of most songwriting these days and Great Dialogue gives me an awesome, at-your-finger-tips jumping off point....

Thanks so much.




Jeffrey O Kasbohm

Executive Director

Kasbohm & Company Strategic Multimedia