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For example you can type in the word "threat" and see the following:

NOTE:  This is a screen shot of the program - it is not active.  

As you can see, there are quite a number of hits under the keyword "threat".  The search results box shows all the different variations of dialogue samples that have threat in them.  Notice that the quote does not actually contain the word "threat", but it is a very threatening scene.  This is why having keywords attached to each sample in our database is so important.  

Each scene has a "setup", describing the situation (if necessary) and most of the dialogue samples have detailed notes explaining why the dialogue works and what specific techniques have been used by the writer.  You will notice that each specific technique is capitalized in the "Notes" section.  This means that there is a detailed explanation of that technique which can be accessed by pressing the "Techniques" button.  

Another feature is the "Keyword List" button.  When you press that button it will take you to the screen shown on the next page:

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